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Email marketing is just as important in this day and age as it ever has been. Therefore, while you may be invested in marketing through social media and search ads, it’s still worthwhile reaching out to people in their inboxes. Plenty of us still read promotional mail through our phones as well as at our desks. The best email campaign you can create, however, will be one which is tailored directly to the recipient’s needs. Email marketing services through CRM could help you to manage large-scale campaigns without the need to continue tweaking and fine-tuning your missives.

Telagus is a fully-fledged commercial email marketing system. As well as being a full CRM for various project management system needs, you can appeal to new customers and generate leads through custom email campaigns. The platform lets you create and build your own bespoke advertising mail and manage how each and every one is sent. CRM email marketing is ideal for startups, enterprises and businesses in between.

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Are You Using Email Marketing?

It might be tempting to think that free email marketing tools are rather pointless! They’re really not. Telagus is free for the first ten days of use, meaning that you can get to grips with how its unique, bespoke email action actually works.

Email marketing software is still a great investment in the New 20s. It’s useful in that it will help you to reach people in their private inboxes. What’s more, the people you pitch to will be those who have already agreed to receiving mail in the first place. Crucially, you are advertising to people who want to be advertised to! It’s a great way to convert on leads. The best email campaign software, however, will help you really streamline the whole approach.

Personalised email marketing software is ideal even if you run a large business. The best CRM packages should give you the opportunity to create a custom template. This is something that you can then tweak and dispatch to various people on your mailing list as you see fit.

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Why Manage Email Marketing Through CRM?

Another reason why some people may avoid email marketing altogether is the fact that it can be difficult to manage and maintain. Email marketing automation software, as you can imagine, helps to take away a lot of the stress and strain. Telagus offers a full CRM and email marketing system for business, meaning that you can not only manage your campaigns and communications with customers who are on-board, but also those you wish to appeal to.

Email marketing automation platforms are those which actively make your life easier. The best email marketing CRM shouldn’t just give you a blank template. With Telagus, you can set up multiple email marketing profiles, choose when and where you’d like your email to go, and then wait for the results.

Telagus’ fantastic dynamics and analytics will actively tell you how well your campaigns are doing. As it’s nice and easy for you to change and upgrade your email marketing at any time, it makes sense that you should pay attention to this for future knowledge.

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Why Choose Telagus?

Telagus is a leading, professional CRM email automation platform. While free email marketing tools may seem appealing in practice, a free email marketing platform is only ever going to do so much. Telagus offers an affordable approach which won’t disappoint you.

Our CRM technology is amongst the best online. Our full web application is easy to access from anywhere with a data connection. This means that startups flung across the globe can simply head to their main portal, log in and amend the details of their email campaigns.

We designed Telagus to give more power back to you. In daily business administration and marketing, it can be easy to lose sight of what is going to work best for you in the long run. Therefore, commercial email marketing automation software will help to take a load off your plate. If you are already deep into email marketing campaigns but are struggling to convert on the results, it may be time to jump ship onto an alternative provider.

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One of the best reasons why Telagus is so popular with modern startups and businesses is the fact that you can try before you buy. Our affordable CRM is already well-priced to appeal to a variety of different businesses and industries.

However, should you want to take a good look around the software, you can do so without any kind of financial commitment for up to ten days. Therefore, when you’re happy to proceed, just let us know!

Email marketing campaigns are here to stay. Take charge of them now with a great CRM for marketing across a variety of platforms. Call or contact us now for more details.

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