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Our best Features

campaign builder software

Campaign Builder

Frequently communicating with your customers is key to building a long-lasting relationship. The most efficient way to do this is by sending your customers bespoke email campaigns to keep them attentive.

crm for custom templates

Create Custom Templates

Depending on your business, it is vital that you get the correct information from your lead generation forms. We have ready-made default fields that you can select to use for your email campaigns.

email marketing crm

Email Marketing

With our CRM, is it is simple to send email campaigns to your customers. Once the email list is set up, you are able to send emails straight to your customers with no hassle.

lead management crm

Lead Management

Our CRM helps to sort out your lead management. The easiest way to gain leads from your website is by encouraging customers to fill out lead generation forms.

crm for marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Your marketing process will become a lot simpler and easier. This is due to Telagus automating your marketing in several different ways. From sending out bulk emails at once to having a clear and visible pipeline journey; Telagus is great for improving efficiency.

crm for project management

Project Management

Enable your staff to have a clear and easy-to-use management system for the various tasks and projects that need to be completed. Telagus allows all pending tasks to be in a list, with various pieces of important information along with them.

reporting and google analytics crm

Reporting & Analytics

Telagus has Google Analytics integrated within it so that you can see the performance of your website right from your CRM. This helps to make a smoother experience for the user, but it also helps when providing high-quality and useful website performance reports for our clients.

email tracking crm

Email Tracking

Along with our email marketing feature, Telagus provides email tracking that will allow you to see how many emails have been delivered and w=how many people have opened the email message.

hr management tool

HR Management

Managing customers and users has never been easier with our CRM. Our platform allows you to manage customers, send email campaigns, track reports and manage multiple users for your account, all in one place.

client communication tool

Live Chat

Chat with your customers as soon as a user visits your website! With our CRM all you need to do is add a script onto your website to display a chat box widget.

dynamics lead management crm

Convert Visitors Into Leads

View who has visited your site and when they was last on it. This then allows for you to have the upper hand and make a move towards getting them as a client!

sales pipeline management crm

Sales Pipeline Management

View your entire pipeline journey with our visible pipeline board that shows the progression of a new potential customer. From lead, prospect, deal and then to being a client; view every step in an easy to use system.

crm for easy invoicing

Easy Invoicing

Easily invoice your clients or customers straight from your CRM system. Boost efficiency with your sales.

easy employee management crm

Send & Track Proposals

Send professional & high-quality proposals and track if they have been delivered or even opened on the other end.

analytics tracking crm

Telsa Analytics Tracking

Track your website visitors and see how your website is performing online.

online crm system

E-Signature On Contracts

With our E-Signature feature, you can sign any contracts or documents right from the CRM online!

activity log timeline management crm

Activity Log Timeline

Keep up to date and know whats going on within your business. Stay updated with tasks that are completed and any comments that are posted.

Event Calendar Management

Never end up double booked again! Easily view and manage your events to ensure that you are never missing out on another opportunity again.

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