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Keep Your Business On Track with a CRM for Insurance Companies

The insurance sector is one of the most sensitive industries in the UK. Customers getting in touch with your firm will have a variety of concerns and queries. What’s more, you will need to make sure that you are reaching out to them with efficiency and care. With a fully-fledged insurance CRM from Telagus, you can be sure that you will have all the best tools to monitor and manage your customer experience – from client to client.

Insurance packages will, of course, differ from person to person. Insurance company administration can soon grow out of hand if you do not have a firm hand on its organisation. With the best CRM for insurance via Telagus, you can be sure that you have the best tools to set customer expectations, to manage your team and to handle online concerns.

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Why a Great CRM for Insurance Companies Matters

CRM, or customer relationship management, is crucial across all walks of business and in all industries. With leading commercial insurance CRM software, you can create and handle customer projects and case files, set up team profiles, and keep a close register on who may be available in your team at any given time.

Customers looking for insurance will want confidence in your ability to handle complex queries. Insurance is something which is crucial to many people’s daily lives. They want to know that you have the answers to their coverage questions. They also want to know that you will respond to them and help them as soon as physically possible.

A CRM for insurance companies allows you to manage unique case files and to delegate roles to your team. Keep track of who’s available and who’s on leave. What’s more, you should be able to access a CRM from a variety of locations. Overall, insurance CRM software organisation should help you get your communications, timetables and delegations clear and in place for complex queries which may head your way during any given day.

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Effective Insurance Marketing

Insurance CRM systems startups and big enterprise brands rely on should also offer a keen approach to marketing. Online and digital marketing are always evolving. Through Telagus, for example, you can set up bespoke email campaigns to approach existing customers, to update them on cases, and even to encourage people who have shown interest in you to follow up on a query.

One of the best ways you can generate insurance leads is through the best online insurance CRM. By setting up a small, persuasive interest capture form on your website, you can pull email information into Telagus and incorporate this into your email campaigns. It’s a great way for you to manage and administer unique, bespoke service, too. All customers want to feel as though services are tailored to them. There’s no reason why the same can’t go for the insurance industry.

Ultimately, the perfect online CRM is going to cut down admin time and hassle for you, your team and your customers. It should streamline awkward, outdated processes and should consolidate several services and demands into one clear console. Telagus is designed to be as streamlined and as simple to use as possible. It requires little training, though experts at Telsa Media are always on hand to support you if any technical problems arise.

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Why Choose Telagus?

Insurance companies choose Telagus because it is one of the most adaptable and versatile CRM platforms online. Perfect for a variety of businesses and specialist sectors, Telagus is a CRM application which grows with your business and which helps to keep your whole insurance operation on one page.

We designed our CRM for insurance companies who are looking for new ways to appeal to customers, and for those who are struggling to manage team rosters and timetables. Our leading CRM packages will also support those insurance professionals who need help hitting the ground running in terms of financial admin.

It’s all too easy to get bogged down in a variety of systems and paperwork. Therefore, we encourage you, as an insurance professional, to consider setting up with a fantastic CRM for your team and customers. It might just be the best change you make this year.

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Once you’re happy to move ahead, just let us know and we will set up a bespoke plan of action for you. Telagus is a versatile CRM for insurance brokers, specialists and companies alike. Take a closer look or call us now for more details as soon as you’re ready to proceed.

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