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Communications firms, PR companies and media specialists thrive on keeping connected. Without connections, you will have no clear way of running your business! That’s why the best CRM for media companies may be your best shot at ensuring you have complete control over your various projects. With a leading online CRM, you can keep constant vigilance over your projects and close contact with your clients and partners.

Telagus is a bespoke media CRM. It’s an online application for communications firms and media representatives to consolidate their administration. Moreover, it is the perfect tool for enhancing your marketing campaigns and reaching out to multiple leads.

Why Use a Media CRM?

Many media professionals are pleased to run campaigns on their basis. However, it can sometimes get tricky to manage all your contacts and leads and ensure everyone is on the same page. With a media CRM web application, you can make sure that you create stories, features and projects that multiple users can collaborate on. Open up your platform to members of your newspaper or broadcasting team.

You can also open your CRM and its projects to clients and contacts. Telagus is a bespoke CRM platform that allows you to streamline and consolidate your communications and media projects into one handy system.

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Benefits of CRM in Media Management

Telagus' many services and specialities will help ensure you run a tight ship. As well as keeping track of projects and client demands, you can use your media CRM to keep track of your team. With Telagus, assigning professionals to specific tasks and jobs is easy. Simply access their profiles and add them to the media projects and tasks you feel appropriate for.

You can balance your whole workforce, too, by keeping a close eye on digital calendars and timetables. Telagus has a wealth of time and works management features, likely to help keep your workload and admin trail to a minimum.

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  • Email Marketingi
  • SMS Marketing Creditsi
  • Funnel Builder (Marketing Automation)i
  • Form Builder + Custom Fields (includes auto-responders)i
  • Telagus Forensics ( Reverse IP Tracking)i
  • Call Trackingi
  • Contactsi
  • Live Chati
  • Quote Builderi
  • Team Membersi

    Limit: 6

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Saving 17%



£180.00 Billed every year
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  • Email Marketingi
  • SMS Marketing Creditsi
  • Form Builder + Custom Fields (includes auto-responders)i
  • Contactsi
  • Quote Builderi
  • Team Membersi

    Limit: 2

Additional app’s can easily be added via the Telagus Market Place - Click Here


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Ease of Operations with Telagus – Media CRM

Whether you work in print media or TV or radio communications, efficiency and keeping on record are key. Are you looking for media CRM lead generation? Our leading software may just be the perfect fit. Telagus is the leading media CRM software. Telagus is particularly suited to the media industry due to all the contacts and projects you are likely to run at once.

As efficiency and precision are essential in this business, it makes sense that you should have a central hub in place to manage the finer points of your campaigns. Telagus is also ideal for negotiating with potential leads and partners as a customer relationship management platform.

Choosing the Best CRM for Media Companies

Looking for media CRM technology that's easy to use, no matter where you are? As a web application, Telagus is accessible from any browser with an internet connection available. Therefore, as a media representative or communications professional on the move, you can manage your team and your projects from the comfort of your smartphone.

The best CRM for media companies will help you take care of clients, team members, and more. Telagus is feature-rich in a whole host of different specialities. Therefore, instead of struggling with several pieces of software and clunky documents, you should consider bringing everything together into a neat, efficient package.

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