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Save Time and increase profits using our all in one CRM system for every type of business.

Telagus is a business and marketing automation software developed by Telsa Media. Using our CRM software, you can manage all of your customer data, campaigns, projects and much more. Get in touch with us today for a 10-days free trial

Telagus includes many features and tools which can enhance your business and help you gain more leads. From email marketing and campaigns to form builders and live chats, Telagus can help organise your activity to help reach your business goals.

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Excellent Results for Your Business

From increasing the efficiency of your employees to being able to send a professional email campaign out to thousands of people; Telagus is the leading CRM software for providing results that add value.

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Full Transparency Guaranteed

Our highly experienced team of individuals are always on hand to provide any assistance that provide any assistance that you need.

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Great Value For

Our pricing is a lot more affordable when being compared against other CRM software systems; however, that does not mean that we let our quality slip.

About Telagus (CRM)

Customer relationship management has never been more important. As your all-in-one CRM platform, Telagus will ensure you have complete access to all your customers’ demands, requirements, contact details, project progress and more. As the world is going more and more digital, surely it makes sense to take your administration to the next level! With Telagus’ commercial customer relationship management system, you can be sure that everyone is on the same page.

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Our best Features

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Campaign Builder

Frequently communicating with your customers is key to building a long-lasting relationship. The most efficient way to do this is by sending your customers bespoke email campaigns to keep them attentive.

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Create Custom Templates

Depending on your business, it is vital that you get the correct information from your lead generation forms. We have ready-made default fields that you can select to use for your email campaigns.

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Email Marketing

With our CRM, is it is simple to send email campaigns to your customers. Once the email list is set up, you are able to send emails straight to your customers with no hassle.

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Lead Management

Our CRM helps to sort out your lead management. The easiest way to gain leads from your website is by encouraging customers to fill out lead generation forms.

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Marketing Automation

Your marketing process will become a lot simpler and easier. This is due to Telagus automating your marketing in several different ways. From sending out bulk emails at once to having a clear and visible pipeline journey; Telagus is great for improving efficiency.

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Project Management

Enable your staff to have a clear and easy-to-use management system for the various tasks and projects that need to be completed. Telagus allows all pending tasks to be in a list, with various pieces of important information along with them.

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Reporting & Analytics

Telagus has Google Analytics integrated within it so that you can see the performance of your website right from your CRM. This helps to make a smoother experience for the user, but it also helps when providing high-quality and useful website performance reports for our clients.

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Email Tracking

Along with our email marketing feature, Telagus provides email tracking that will allow you to see how many emails have been delivered and how many people have opened the email.

Digitise Your Company

‘Going digital’ means more than just setting up a website. With Telagus, you’ll have access to a fantastic, fully-fledged customer relationship management system. You’ll be able to work with your team of specialists at home as well as overseas through a single, unified interface. This platform will help you discuss and liaise project points and progression with your clients, as well as to deliver tasks and complete admin with your team.

Electronic customer relationship management technology should be streamlined and easy to use. Founded by Telsa Media, Telagus is designed to be the best CRM in the business. Business CRM solutions management should be available to you wherever you may be. That’s why our CRM packages agency is ready to offer you a wholly-online service which you can load up and log into wherever there’s an internet connection.

You’ll be able to create user profiles, set timetables, calculate leave, and most importantly, keep your customers informed at every step of the way. It’s crucial that a team management CRM solution offers support to both your enterprise as well as your clients. With everyone on the same page, you can be sure that work is completed efficiently, and to the standards your clients expect.

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Why Use a Leading CRM Task Management Solution?

Web based CRM solutions technology like Telagus are built to make everyone's lives easier. In the digital age, muddling around with piles of paperwork is inefficient and hard to manage. Therefore, Telagus offers your whole team – as well as your customers – the chance to touch base on all your projects. It's a great way for you to collaborate on where you are on your schedules, and to give that little bit of extra confidence back to the client.

A CRM solution will help you hit the ground running. Starting a business in the modern age may seem easy, but running it is a different matter. With Telagus, you have access to an incredible array of CRM dynamics. You can track which members of your team are working on which projects. You can build bespoke CRM packages to provide your customers with somewhere to contact you directly.

If you’re not always available to speak to clients via phone, then it makes perfect sense to touch base on a clear user interface that’s ready when you are. Telagus is a reliable web application built with daily professional use in mind. It’s ready and waiting for you whenever you’re ready to go. You can leave it to run in the background, too, with customers, clients and team members all able to weigh in on their projects. It is an amazing, bespoke platform for automating the finer points of your business.

You can also use Telagus as a CRM for creating bespoke email campaigns for customers. Automate the running of your business, as well as its marketing, with ease.

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We offer the best pricing plans

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Who Benefits from Leading CRM Project Management Software?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from Telagus’ approach to work and project management. Do you run a small startup, and need to keep track of your initial projects? Are you running a larger firm, and want access to the best online CRM dynamics your budget can buy? You’re going to need a reliable CRM task manager which is flexible to your growing demands.

That is just part of what makes Telagus so appealing to companies and businesses of varying sizes. It is a bespoke CRM system that professionals use for projects of all scales. It morphs and transforms with you. Even if you are just starting out as a local supplier or sole trader, you will still benefit from handy, online project management that you can load up from a web browser. You can even use our reliable CRM task manager through mobile, making it easy for you to communicate with and update your team on the go.

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The best CRM agency for your needs is one with years of experience. We want to make sure you have access to technology that’s future-proof. A trusted customer relationship management tool should be ready to give you clear oversight on who’s working on which projects, what meetings you have timetabled in place, and where your customers are at in terms of project expectations.

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Setting Up a Trusted CRM with Telagus

Telagus is a leading CRM task management solution for many reasons. Affordably priced and built to transform to unlimited commercial needs, we will build a bespoke CRM shell for you at your request. What you see is what you get.

You can personalise and manage your own Telagus CRM software from your own dashboard, meaning that while our team will continue to manage the finer points of maintenance behind the scenes, you have complete access to your projects and the way that everything is running.

Bespoke customer relationship management is all about being open to new experiences. Telagus is flexible and affordably CRM packages, available for all budgets and ready for projects and team management demands of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, if you are already struggling with your own workloads and administration, it makes sense to speak to our team to set up a plan of action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Telagus is the leading CRM software that contains such a vast amount of different features. From marketing automation, project and task management, staff management and time cards; there are many reasons why people choose to go to Telagus for their CRM needs.

You can get started now by calling us on 0203 764 1143 or by going online to our online form. Get a free 10-day trial when you sign up now.

If you are unsure on what plan would suit you and your company best, feel free to give our friendly team a ring on 0203 764 1143, and we would love to go through it with you to answer any questions or doubts, you may have.

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Finding the Perfect CRM Packages

Finding the right CRM dynamics platform for you doesn’t have to be difficult. While some customer relationship management services offer catch-all solutions, Telagus allows you to manage your own bespoke projects, your way.

Moving to an online CRM system is the best way to digitise your most complex projects, and those which are likely to take months at a time. Therefore, why not consult our team and consider setting up Telagus? Call or contact us now for a free demo, and we will be happy to set up a package quote for you.

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