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Engage Customers With Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing is something a business should never stop doing. You are always going to need more leads, more customers and more revenue. Therefore, you must have a system where you can market yourself without much time and effort, though with quality results. CRM marketing software, therefore, could be your best route towards generating fantastic leads without the need for intervention.

Affordable marketing CRM software from Telagus could make all the difference to the running of your business! Do you already have marketing campaigns in place? Are you intrigued to know more about business CRM marketing automation? Read on for more details on what you can expect from Telagus in the long run.

Why Automate Your Marketing?

In marketing, you must ensure your advertising speaks to the right people! However, marketing CRM platforms are quickly changing the game regarding ease of use and setup. The best marketing management CRM and the best marketing CRM commercial brands head for is likely to allow you to fire automated emails and campaigns without the need for unnecessary time wasted.

Through Telagus, you can capture customer interest through web forms, and once you catch communication methods from your leads, you can send marketing emails in seconds. We are a marketing management CRM company which offers our clients complete control over how they contact and approach their customers.

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CRM For Digital Marketing

You might be tempted to look into budget CRM digital marketing. However, online marketing CRM platforms should offer you more than automated emails. Telagus’ range of reliable CRM packages will allow you to arrange your leads and clients and set up campaigns for them when they are happy to proceed.

This means that Telagus offers an accurate end-to-end service. You can capture interest, communicate, and deliver outstanding results through our leading CRM digital marketing suite. It’s a customer service engine you won’t find elsewhere for the price.

The best marketing CRM for customer relationship management demands can be flexible for all your needs.

We Offer The Best Pricing Plans

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£3600.00 Billed every year
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  • Email Marketingi
  • SMS Marketing Creditsi
  • Funnel Builder (Marketing Automation)i
  • Form Builder + Custom Fields (includes auto-responders)i
  • Telagus Forensics ( Reverse IP Tracking)i
  • Call Trackingi
  • Contactsi
  • Live Chati
  • Quote Builderi
  • Team Membersi

    Limit: 6

Additional app’s can easily be added via the Telagus Market Place - Click Here

Saving 17%



£180.00 Billed every year
*Usage caps apply - Learn More
  • Email Marketingi
  • SMS Marketing Creditsi
  • Form Builder + Custom Fields (includes auto-responders)i
  • Contactsi
  • Quote Builderi
  • Team Membersi

    Limit: 2

Additional app’s can easily be added via the Telagus Market Place - Click Here


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Low Cost CRM and Marketing Automation

Instead of looking for just a low-cost CRM and marketing automation, you must find reliable marketing CRM software that fits your budget. We’re proud to offer Telagus as a bespoke, end-to-end CRM marketing system to suit businesses of all sizes. Thanks to the bespoke nature of the product, Telagus can fit all budget sizes.

If you are looking for affordable CRM tools in digital marketing, you’ll benefit from our free trial. You can use Telagus for free up to ten days before you buy. This way, you can accustom yourself to the platform and be sure that you’re making the best decision for your clients and your team.

Getting Started With Telagus

Telagus is the leading marketing automation CRM software. We have spent years developing our fantastic suite to adapt to various businesses, industries and concerns. Therefore, whether you are a small business looking for your first leads or a larger company needing additional support, you must set up a leading CRM. Telagus is available for a free ten-day trial - why not give it a go?

Telagus is an affordable marketing management CRM that will support you and your customers from the point of first contact to project completion. Mke an effective and efficient way to generate and manage campaigns that provide you with revenue and your clients with excellent value services with CRM.

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