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Real estate and estate agency firms need to take care of a lot of administration by constantly keeping in touch with their customers and clients. Therefore, it makes sense to look for a leading real estate CRM which you can use to measure customer interest and monitor team performance instead of book-keeping.

Telagus is a leading estate agent CRM. Buyers and sellers place immense trust in agents to ensure they get the deals they are looking for. Therefore, to provide a fantastic service face-on, real estate experts should be ready to manage customer concerns and projects with leading software. That, of course, is where Telagus comes in.

Why Use Real Estate CRM Systems?

Real estate CRM systems will help make your estate agency's running a little bit more efficient. Telagus is a CRM service which allows you to keep track of members of your team, open projects and more. If you are working with sellers or property developers, you can open up projects and tasks through real estate CRM solutions. The best commercial real estate CRM, where you, your team and your clients can communicate freely.

You can also ensure that your customers receive the service they deserve by setting up follow-up email campaigns to capture repeat interest and offer aftercare. You can set up bespoke email marketing campaigns to reach people who are likely interested in your services.

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Affordable Real Estate CRM

If you are looking for the best real estate CRM packages, you must look for a service that will serve you well for the months and years to come. Telagus is a bespoke, flexible and versatile CRM platform that we will build to fit your estate agency. This way, you can be sure that we will provide you with a platform that will help keep your team and your customers fully informed at each stage of the process.

What makes Telagus worth the investment is that you can access it from anywhere with a web browser and an internet connection. If you are still convinced, connect with our specialists for a free 10-day trial.

We Offer The Best Pricing Plans

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£3600.00 Billed every year
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  • Email Marketingi
  • SMS Marketing Creditsi
  • Funnel Builder (Marketing Automation)i
  • Form Builder + Custom Fields (includes auto-responders)i
  • Telagus Forensics ( Reverse IP Tracking)i
  • Call Trackingi
  • Contactsi
  • Live Chati
  • Quote Builderi
  • Team Membersi

    Limit: 6

Additional app’s can easily be added via the Telagus Market Place - Click Here

Saving 17%



£180.00 Billed every year
*Usage caps apply - Learn More
  • Email Marketingi
  • SMS Marketing Creditsi
  • Form Builder + Custom Fields (includes auto-responders)i
  • Contactsi
  • Quote Builderi
  • Team Membersi

    Limit: 2

Additional app’s can easily be added via the Telagus Market Place - Click Here


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Why Use Telagus?

Telagus was designed with ease of use and adaptability in mind. We understand that real estate and property sales are never finite. You should always demand a leading CRM service that will grow with your and your client's expectations. There are too many catch-all CRM systems out there! With the best CRM for real estate in Telagus, you can keep your clients and investors updated on various projects and tasks.

You can use Telagus to delegate professionals and team members to specific projects and tasks. For example, you might want to delegate a specific team or cluster of professionals to work on an extensive sales project. The benefits of Telagus are endless, purchase the software to learn more.

Getting Started

Telagus is a simple service that will help you connect with home buyers and sellers in meaningful ways. Our best commercial real estate CRM platform is available on a free ten-day trial, meaning that if you want to get hands-on before buying, you absolutely can. Once you're happy to move ahead, we will fine-tune the platform to reflect your estate agency's needs.

Therefore, we're ready and waiting to help you bring your sales campaigns to whole new audiences. Approach your team and your clientele with efficiency and care. Capture interests and create leads! It all starts with Telagus. Call us now or book your free trial online with us.

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