5 Top Tips on How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Creating campaigns to send out to leads and customers is one of the most effective tools for building long-lasting relationships.

You only need to take a look at your own email inbox to see all the frequent automated marketing emails which typically include offers, advertise new products, and much more.

All of these emails are sent to grab your attention, entice you to browse and take an action or make a purchase.

Whatever your business, you can benefit from email marketing campaigns. But only if it is done correctly!

What is Email Marketing?

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Email marketing refers to the procedure of sending out a variety of types of content to subscribers by email.

Successful email marketing campaigns can help you gain more attention to your brand, increase engagement and help you achieve more sales.

It is vital for the emails to contain useful information which is unique each time. You must also only send out email newsletters to those who have opted in to receive them.

Email campaigns can be useful for small businesses, start-ups and large organisations.

Read on below to uncover our top tips on how to create a successful marketing campaign.

1. Use a Campaign Builder Software

One of the best ways to create email campaigns is by using a campaign builder. There are many options available which are simple to use and gain successful results. Some are entirely customisable, allowing you to add content, photos, choose colours, and more.

Telagus – A campaign management software is your best bet for having complete control over your email campaigns. Telagus has customizable templates which allow you to make every email bespoke to your business. We will discuss in more detail further on in the blog on what a campaign builder software like Telagus can do for you.

2. Creating an Eye-Catching Subject Line

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The first thing a person would see in their email inbox is the business name and the subject line. Getting the subject line right can be the difference between a recipient opening the email and deciding to avoid it.

Ask these questions to yourself: Will the recipient benefit from this subject? Does it sound exciting? Is it engaging? If the answers are yes, then you can move onto the email campaign design.

Telagus – As soon as you create a campaign, you can add the subject line in straight away. You can also include any emojis to make it more fun and appealing to your demographic.

3. Use of Imagery

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We as a society, love an intriguing image.

Not only does it help draw the recipient in, but it also helps them to understand the aim of the email quickly.

An eye-catching image can be a make or break whether a recipient carries on reading or not. Think about what it is you are trying to advertise and choose an image that best represents that.

No matter whether you get a professional photographer to take the image or use a licensed image online, either can work really well and show off your business. Telagus – With our marketing campaign builder, you can easily upload your image straight from your folder onto the template.

Our drag and drop feature allows you to slide an image to your preferred location on the campaign. We have simplified our campaign builder to make it as straightforward as possible when building a campaign from scratch.

4. Adding Call-to-Actions

After you have added text and images to your campaign, the most important thing of all is adding call to actions. Call to actions (CTAs) are prompts which require an immediate response or are there to entice you to make a speedy sale.

CTA’s need to stand out. You want to separate yourself from every other email in their inbox. Choose something eye-catching and bold that will make them want to click.

Telagus – With our online campaign management software, you can add the button text and copy and paste a link from the desired page on your website. With one click, the recipient will be sent to the relevant page. It’s that easy!

5. Optimisation on all Devices

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For an email campaign to be effective, it must be responsive on all devices. Whether that is on a mobile, desktop, or tablet, a recipient needs to be able to scroll, view images, and click links successfully.

Many marketing experts now believe that companies should prioritize mobile email campaigns as many rely on efficient access on the go, wherever they are.

Telagus - Unlike many other email campaign management services, Telagus automatically optimises all email campaigns to mobile and desktop. To view the emails on both, click preview and then switch between the two icons to picture exactly what the recipient would see.

Why Choose Telagus?

If you are looking for a CRM campaign management software that deals with all your marketing needs, Telagus is what you need.

By using our crm and campaign management services, you’ll be able to create and manage unique email campaigns with our very own campaign builder. We have made our campaign builder very simple; the whole template is there, you just need to update it with your information to appeal to your demographic.

Once you have sent out a campaign, with Telagus, you can view the report to see how effective the campaign was. This includes how many subscribers received, opened, and replied to the email. Make sure to analyse the results to find out if you need to make any changes with your campaigns in the future.

You can also use our automation marketing services to send out targeted emails without needing to think about it. Whether that is a welcome email or a follow-up email, our automation services allow you to streamline communication with your customers adequately.

If you are looking for the best email campaign software to deal with your marketing, HR, and more business needs, sign up with us today. You can also schedule a meeting with us for a 30-minute demo.

We can’t wait for you to see how beneficial Telagus could be for your business.