How to Use a Lead Management System Efficiently

For every business, leads are essential.

Leads are potential customers which is why they are important to keep track of.

No matter the amount of leads you receive, you need to keep them somewhere safe.

Gone are the days of using paper work. Not only is this usually more time-consuming, but unless appropriately filed, they can get forgotten about or lost.

A lead management system is there to solve these issues. It keeps all leads and their information in one place. Many of the best lead management software’s offer marketing integration, which allows you to send out specially designed emails to customers and leads.

There are many on the market, including our very own one Telagus , which aims to make your business flow a hundred times easier.

What is Lead?

what is customer relationship management

A lead is an individual who has shown some interest in your business. This can be something as simple as walking into a shop asking more about your products.

Anything, where the individual hasn’t quite committed to making a purchase, is a lead. Keeping track of your leads and communicating with them increases the chances of them making a purchase. This is where a CRM lead management software comes in.

How does Lead Management work?

Lead management software is much more than just a place to hold your leads. They can also act as a sales funnel with their marketing qualities. Additionally, you can track their behaviour and activity on the software too.

Leads can come from a variety of avenues, including on email, websites, ads, events, inquiring in a shop and more. This can get confusing, especially if you have tons of leads coming through.

Spreadsheets and a paper filing system to keep hold of leads are a thing of the past.

An effective lead management system will help you engage with the leads and ultimately increase your business growth. With this software, you’ll be able to filter your leads into categories appropriately.

Process to Success

We will now discuss the steps to take when using a lead management system to increase your business growth and sales.

Capturing a Lead

why CRM is used

Sometimes you never know the power of a lead and whether or not it will be worthwhile.

A good lead management software will capture your leads coming through on emails, web forms and chats. It will also let you know where it came from for you to separate in the future if you need to.

Other leads are added manually by filling out simple information including their name, the business, their email address, their phone number and anything else that you think may be useful.

Keeping in Contact

The next step is about the communication between your business and the lead.

The ultimate lead management systems have a way of sending out email campaigns to your leads. Campaigns are a marketing technique which involves sending an engaging email to entice a potential customer to take an action. This could contain offers, letting them know what products you sell or even a thank you for taking an interest in the business.

Campaigns can often be tracked to find out whether or not it was successful. You can also see how many have been delivered, opened and replied to.

These are methods many businesses use. You only need to take a look at your own email inbox to see the extent of the marketing emails you have.

Email campaigns are proven to be successful. It is essential not to miss out on something so simple.

Sending Leads to Team Members

why CRM is used

Have too many leads to keep track of? It might be a good idea to send them to other team members.

Whether you are a small or a large company, having one person controlling all the leads may be overwhelming and time-consuming. With a good CRM lead management software, you can distribute leads to other sales reps.

This helps with the structure and flow of the business, allowing for easy management and an increase in sales.

Successful Leads

With help from the lead tracking software, you can track the progress of the lead. If they have made a purchase, then you know what you are doing has been successful.

Simply update the progress of the lead in the software and watch as your customer list grows.

The Benefits of a Lead Management Software

We have outlined how to use a lead management software efficiently, but what exactly are the benefits of following those steps?

Some of the benefits are:

  • Frequent engagement with leads
  • Faster response time
  • Improve productivity
  • Maximise ROI
  • It doesn’t stop there!

Depending on your business, there can be many other ways that can increase your business growth. By taking the step and purchasing a lead management system, you can find out for yourself how much easier managing your business really is.

Why You Need Telagus

If you need a lead management software that does all of the above and much more, then you need Telagus for your business.

Telagus is a bespoke business management and marketing automation software that aims to make looking after your leads simple.

Telagus includes many tools and features that saves you time on doing monotonous tasks and increases profits. Some of the many features include marketing automation, campaign builder, project management, leave management and more. Telagus aims to achieve excellent results for your business.

We are on hand to help make Telagus entirely bespoke for you. Let us know what features will be the most beneficial to you, and we will structure it to fit your business.

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