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Improve the Flow of your Busines with an Automobile CRM

Are you looking for a new way to manage your automotive sales team? Are you keen to set up new projects and services? The best place to start may be through a leading automotive CRM platform. Telagus is a flexible, bespoke car dealer CRM service, available for small businesses and larger chains who are looking to bring fantastic cars and aftercare to their customers. The administration and paperwork involved in running an automotive business can get a little overwhelming! Therefore, with the best CRM for automotive industry professionals, you can be sure that all your projects and data are kept solely on one page.

Telagus is a CRM platform designed for online use. Perfect for small dealerships and chain enterprises with thousands of customers, you can adapt Telagus to your own needs and the size of your audience. Therefore, you are never buying into a one-size-fits-all solution. We will happily scale your CRM application up or down depending on what you need.

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Why Might You Need Automotive CRM Software?

One of the best reasons why you may wish to invest in automotive CRM software is for lead generation. An automotive lead generation system will help you to capture interest directly from your website, ready for you to convert and manage as you see fit. By setting up a simple interest capture form and button on your website, data will feed back to your CRM. You can use this contact information to build bespoke email campaigns. The best part is, the car buying customers you email will actually want to hear from you!

There are, of course, more than a few automotive CRM tools you should take a look at. Telagus will help you set up budget automotive CRM software that ensures your customers and clients are always on the same page. Create sales and aftercare projects that your team and customers and collaborate on. You can also use email automation through your automotive CRM tools to make sure your clients receive fantastic aftercare. The power of word of mouth in the car sales industry is extremely powerful!

You should also consider using an automotive CRM organisation for keeping track of employee details. Your team is going to be ready to help you at your every beck and call. But how can you easily manage projects and sales jobs if you have people away on leave? Telagus has leave and payroll management facilities built into its shell. Therefore, our full automotive CRM packages will ensure you not only get to reach out to your customers, but to your team, too. Keeping track of your employees in terms of leave will ensure that you only delegate jobs to available people. In the fast-paced world of car sales, this is only too important to keep in check.

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Why Should You Choose Telagus?

Telagus is leading car dealer CRM technology for the New 20s. While many car dealerships and sales services run happily offline, the world is changing around us at a rapid pace. Car buyers expect to be able to look for affordable cars and aftercare without having to muddle around. With the best car sales CRM, you can ensure that your customers and clients receive the care and support they need, all the while allowing you to generate more leads elsewhere.

Beyond this, you should certainly choose Telagus for the flexibility and accessibility. It is a web based platform, meaning that you and your clients, as well as your team members, can access their projects and any relevant updates simply by logging straight into their platform through a browser. Providing you have access to the internet, there is no reason why you can’t safely manage your sales from afar.

Telagus is also incredibly easy to use. There is no need for extensive training. What’s more, you can invite team members and clients to collaborate whenever you wish. We designed this automotive CRM to be easy, streamlined and accessible to all. Why should your admin system work any differently?

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Setting Up Telagus

Telagus is a leading name in automotive CRM software. Want to know more about automotive customer relationship management? It’s time you called to speak to the team. You can either contact us through our helpline, or you can make sure to register your interest with us by filling out our quick form.

You can also claim your free ten day trial of Telagus now. If you want to see how the technology works before you buy, we’re happy to support you. Take a look at what our other customers have to say, too! This way, you can make doubly sure that you are getting into software and project management that is right for you.

Looking for the best automotive sales CRM in the industry? Look to Telagus. Call us now or make sure to book your free trial online.

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