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Best Financial Services CRM

The money industry and wealth management services are amongst the most lucrative in the UK. Those consumers looking for help from financial services are going to want the utmost confidence in your ability to support their needs. While you should be able to offer a great service as standard, it makes sense to set up a great CRM in banking, or the best CRM finance startups and enterprises can rely on for time to come. Customer relationship management in banking is crucial in the digital age.

For the best confidence in your firm, company and brand, your customers want to know that you have control of their money. Telagus is the perfect online CRM for wealth management and banking as it offers a huge array of different services and specialties. Our multi-functional online platform is ready to go whenever you are.

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How Can a CRM Benefit the Financial Sector?

Financial services CRM systems should not only give you clear access to all your digital admin and projects but should also allow you to approach your clients at the level they expect from you. For example, an investment banking CRM might allow you to manage specific cases and projects raised by high profile clients.

Rather than having to manage customer queries and projects manually, Telagus offers you the chance to consolidate your whole operation. The best CRM for small financial services firms and brands are those which are easy to access, and which require little to no training. Wealth management CRM services will allow you to create unique marketing campaigns, too.

Even in the finance sector, marketing and customer management are key. With Telagus, you can set up bespoke email campaigns and set up projects with high profile customers. This will allow you to directly manage high profile concerns and to address complaints through an in-depth process.

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Manage Your Financial Experts

The best financial services CRM software will allow you to manage your team from afar. Through Telagus, financial experts will have their own profiles that they can use to monitor customer cases, respond to customer queries through, and to check their own employment statuses.

For example, Telagus offers team members and managers clear leave and payroll management. Therefore, it is easier than ever for individuals to monitor how much holiday time they have left. This means, as a manager, you’ll be able to digitally assign available advisors and experts to high profile cases.

You’ll also be able to access your Telagus financial CRM from anywhere with a web browser and with internet access. This means that you and your team, as well as any customers on private projects, can access your platform whenever and wherever they please. Telagus is endlessly flexible. CRM financial services with a bespoke approach are ideal for startups, small businesses and even bigger corporations. We’ve made sure to set up a platform online that grows with you and adapts to your needs. This way, when you take on new clients and portfolios, you will never have to do much juggling to offer a great service.

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Why Choose Telagus?

Telagus is a leading choice in financial services CRM systems online. Our always-online platform is one of the easiest to access and manage from almost any location. Therefore, should you wish to manage your customer queries and projects on the go, you can.

Telagus will also offer you access to a wide array of timetable and team management features. When your banking and wealth management customers need help with high profile enquiries, you can be sure to delegate the right expert to the right job. Clients and customers can be sure that they are receiving the best possible insight into their concerns.

What’s more, Telagus is affordable and competitive. It is a leading web application which scales up and down with your firm. This means that you can tailor it to manage a handful of customers, or a wider portfolio. If you need a little more in the way of organisation when it comes to financial services admin, make sure to set up with a CRM that’s adaptable to you.

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A free trial of Telagus could make all the difference. Before you commit to the software and the platform, make sure to try before you buy. We offer all bank and financial services the chance to try Telagus for up to ten days free of charge. During this time, you can feel free to look closely at the software’s features and functions. What’s more, you could use your time to try out some of the finer points of customer and team communication.

Modern services require modern admin solutions. Don’t get swept behind the times. Choose Telagus and benefit from a full, comprehensive online CRM that’s easy to use with minimal training – for you and your team alike!

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