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A Manufacturing CRM Aimed to Solve Any Organisation Issues

Manufacturing firms are some of the most hard-working companies in the country. However, it can sometimes be hard to appeal to new customers, to generate leads, and to ensure that your admin is completely addressed. Therefore, it may be time to consider setting up the best manufacturing CRM for your budget. A leading CRM for manufacturing industry bodies will ensure that you keep your clients happy at all times, and that you have enough experts on your team available to support large and complex demands.

All told, Telagus is an all-in-one manufacturing company management suite. Not only can you manage client projects and queries, you can also ensure that your employee records are up to date, and that you know who is on hand to deal with specific projects and jobs. Manufacturing CRM software startups look for doesn’t have to be complex, hard to come by, or even expensive. If anything, Telagus was designed to avoid all of these factors.

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Why Use a CRM in the Manufacturing Sector?

The manufacturing sector is extremely broad. For example, you may be working on large building sites, as a private contractor, or in-house in a factory environment. Regardless of what you do in manufacturing, it is highly likely that you will have plenty that you need to juggle and take care of.

Most of all, you should always ensure that your customer receive the care and support they demand. Our manufacturing CRM software specialists will ensure that you receive the perfect kick-start to managing customer concerns. Telagus is an online CRM application which enables you to create projects and tasks, to communicate directly with customers, and to ensure that your team is aware of what they need to do at any given moment.

As a manufacturing firm, you may have plenty of clients and jobs on the go at any one time. The quickest and most convenient way for you to move from job to job is, of course, to organise your workloads on a simple platform. Telagus is just that – simple enough to require little training, but comprehensive enough to ensure you get the support and guidance you need.

You should also use a manufacturing CRM to keep track of your own team. If you oversee a large team of professionals, you will need to make sure you know who is on leave, and who is available to handle specific tasks. Through Telagus, you can delegate specific roles and tasks to your team without the need for physical intervention.

crm for manufacturing industry

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Promoting and Following Up

The best CRM for manufacturing is one which you can use to keep in contact with your clients at all times. Not only should you use your bespoke CRM to contact your customers for project updates, you should also use it to source new leads and conversions. This way, you are always keeping close tabs on the work you have available, and any email or online campaigns you have running at any given time.

The best CRM for manufacturing business needs will also let you follow up quickly with customers. You can automate emails and responses to ensure that your clients know what’s going to happen next. You can also set up follow-up emails and messages to encourage repeat custom, and to encourage word of mouth feedback.

Crucially, Telagus is an all-in-one manufacturing admin system. Whether you are building projects and services for specific customers, or you are rolling out manufacturing on an assembly line, it’s crucial you have some form of flexible admin platform in place. Otherwise, you are at risk of losing track and falling behind.

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Why Choose Telagus?

Telagus is the ideal commercial manufacturing CRM. Keep track of your team, your timetable, your projects and any customer queries which may be arising. Make sure you are up to date on employee leave and any payroll information likely to be relevant in the long run.

Above all, choose Telagus for the ease of use and flexibility. Telagus is a web based application which will appeal to manufacturing agency workers and managers alike. You can access it from any web browser providing, of course, you have access to the internet.

Use Telagus to manage and update projects, to delegate tasks and more besides. Above all, you should be using our CRM to build on a fantastic customer experience. This is something you should already be delivering!

However, Telagus is a fantastic choice in leading manufacturing CRM. If you are struggling to manage your own administration or customer outreach, it’s important to look for help from a leading source.

Take a look at our free trial for Telagus now. The software is available for free for ten days, after which you simply need to let us know how we can help to set up your own ideal, bespoke CRM solution.

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