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CRM in Retail Industry – Organise Goods and Payments

Setting up a retail store online is imperative for many leading brands, even smaller businesses! But keeping all your online store admin in check isn’t always straightforward. That’s why it may be worth looking for a CRM for your retail business for your money. Telagus is a leading CRM for retail industry purposes.

CRM for retail business will give you full oversight of your complete retail operation. While it may be simple to manage an online retail operation through a service such as WordPress, a retail CRM will help you get closer to your customers and organize your products and payments in a much more integrated manner.

CRM for Online Retail – Access Anytime, Anywhere

In the modern age, online shoppers expect the brands and businesses they buy from to be ready to help them around the clock. A retail business, especially one which is based online, never sleeps. That’s why it is a great idea to set up a CRM for online retail, allowing you to monitor sales, queries, stock, and more.

You can access Telagus anywhere with a web browser and an internet connection. A web-based CRM for retail lead management is available to users worldwide. Therefore, you can even manage a team of customer service reps who might be spread across the globe.

CRM for online retail business

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CRM Software For Retail Industry

For any retail business managing multiple product details, suppliers and customer purchase history could be challenging and confusing. Thus, Telagus's retail customer management software is what you need. A CRM software for the retail industry helps you integrate all your business data into one application that is easily accessible and just a few clicks away!

This tool allows you to store all of the valuable details about your customer, such as purchase history, customer interests, trends as per demography and geography, lead generation and promotions and discounts securely and safely. A CRM software for retail will also help the sales and marketing departments segment your customers.

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  • Email Marketingi
  • SMS Marketing Creditsi
  • Funnel Builder (Marketing Automation)i
  • Form Builder + Custom Fields (includes auto-responders)i
  • Telagus Forensics ( Reverse IP Tracking)i
  • Call Trackingi
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Saving 17%



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  • Email Marketingi
  • SMS Marketing Creditsi
  • Form Builder + Custom Fields (includes auto-responders)i
  • Contactsi
  • Quote Builderi
  • Team Membersi

    Limit: 2

Additional app’s can easily be added via the Telagus Market Place - Click Here


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Customer Relationship Management in Retail Sector

Not just data storing, but CRM software for the retail industry also helps you build healthy customer relations. No one knows what the buying public will be looking for in the long run. With reliable forecasting and retail CRM by your side, you will be ready to supply an unbeatable service. Use a retail CRM to manage all your email marketing.

Customer relationship management in retail is about showing that you are listening to your shoppers. You can attract potential customers and outperform competitors by tracking popular trends effectively. Through Telagus, you can swiftly address your customer complaints or queries via call tracking, emails and SMS and help them experience enhanced customer.

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Telagus is the best CRM for retail, online retail businesses and more. If you’d like to know more about how our leading CRM could work for you, try our service for free. You can sign up for ten days without paying a penny. Telagus will help you deliver incredible retail customer management confidence through personalised email campaigns or intuitive chatbot services. As you can imagine, confidence is everything in the retail world.

From there, take control of your whole digital persona. Why waste time with inefficient services and software? Take a look at the best retail CRM and contact the Telagus team for more information.

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