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Useful CRM for Logistical Companies

The transportation and logistics industry is always in need of efficient software and account management. Consider all the different projects and trips you will need to make in any given 24-hour period. Consider all the different clients you may have on-board! That’s why a leading CRM for logistics companies is always recommended. Telagus is a bespoke CRM web application which transportation companies and logistics experts can use to monitor team members, existing shipments, customer concerns and more.

Crucially, we designed Telagus to be a complete platform for business admin management. It’s ideally suited to fast-paced transportation and logistics thanks to its wide array of modules and simple interfaces. Don’t let any of this boggle you! Effective customer relationship management in logistics is all about reaching out to your clients and making sure that their concerns are fully covered by the best professionals available.

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Why Use a Logistics CRM?

The best CRM for logistics is going to give you a lot of support. For example, you are going to need to be on the same page as your team as well as your customers. A logistics CRM will, for example, give you access to all shipments in transit. You can check which projects are yet to complete, and which you have lined up in future. A commercial CRM for logistics industry experts is likely to provide a clear oversight into what’s on the road, and what’s in the warehouse.

Even better, then, is the fact that your team members will receive full profiles on the Telagus dashboard. This will allow them to work on specific projects and runs. From afar, using our fantastic logistics CRM web application, they can advise of updates to shipping. They can confirm when cargo has been picked up, and when deliveries have been made.

What’s more, you can delegate specific roles to people. You can also ensure that your logistics timetable is up to date and ensure you do not allocate anyone on leave. There is also the matter of customer care, too.

Your customers and clients will want to know where their shipments are. You can add clients into open workflows to keep them updated. This way, they are at the very heart of the operation, meaning that they always have insight into where their shipments are going and when they can expect them to arrive.

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Why Use Telagus?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Telagus as the best CRM software for transportation companies. Our system is simple, elegant, and adaptable. We can scale your CRM up and down, as required, depending on your available projects and, of course, depending on the size of your business.

What’s more, you can use Telagus to drive lead management through your CRM. Our online service offers email marketing automation and lead interest capture, meaning that with just a few touches, you can fully automate the way you contact your customers. You can seize upon customers who fill out interest forms by sending bespoke mail and offers.

You can also improve the organisation of your customer projects and queries. A great CRM for transportation companies will allow you to create chatbots for your website. Completely manageable through your Telagus dashboard, you can ensure that your customers receive efficient care and advice even when members of your customer service team are unavailable.

One of the best reasons to use Telagus, of course, is for the price. We offer a highly affordable CRM for logistics industry professionals. We want to make sure that your administration is efficient and cost-effective. Why should you ever have to worry about spending more on better organisation?

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Telagus is a bespoke logistics CRM platform which can arrive bespoke to your specific needs. Therefore, instead of having to muddle around with inefficient forms and various pieces of software, you can manage your whole operation from the comfort of one simple web application.

Customer relationship management is all about keeping everyone informed. In transport and logistics, there are many different variables in play. Therefore, you are going to need to make sure your enterprise is keeping your team, your customers and your partners in check.

Telagus will help you to consolidate all of your logistics tracking and employee monitoring into one simple platform. You can take Telagus on for free for up to ten days, after which you can simply let us know how you’d like your bespoke software to perform for you.

If you have yet to consider logistics CRM services for your business, there are plenty of reasons why you should. Call us now for more information, or make sure to fill in a few details and we will set up your free trial. There’s no obligation to continue – but we’re confident you’ll see a world of difference from the word go.

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